My Marquetry Site (aka Inlay)

Ken Stover


his phrase was given to me by my wife and has unmitigated validity.  The intent in generating this site is to play “show and tell” and hope to generate some dialog on each of these subjects to learn something.  I’ll begin with marquetry then as this site grows, I’ll initiate other unrelated topics as golf rules, sailboat racing, bridge, backgammon, bass fishing, earth’s biography and medicine (especially the neurosciences)--although I would rather downplay the latter.  Other topics of “interest” might be investments, child raising and etiquette.  Are you getting the picture of my title phrase above?  But let me defend myself by quoting one of my favorite phrases, “Contempt without investigation is a formula for ignorance”.  I love to learn.  When I stop learning, I’m dead.  All my knowledge is evidence based; not experience based.  

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                        “Not always right, but never in doubt”